F1e - Wideband IQ Demodulator


The F1e module is the wideband IQ version of the F1d module. It has the same IQ demodulator IC with the same RF range of 40 MHz to 1.4 GHz, but the output stage now has a bandwidth of 500 MHz (switchable to 200 MHz by software). This allows for the demodulation to non-zero IF or the downmixing of multiple resonators in one go. These can then be further demodulated in the digital domain by an FPGA or digitizer.

F1d block diagram

For users requiring RF and LO frequencies higher than 1.3GHz, a version may be built supporting up to 4GHz of input frequencies. With this version the lowest supported frequency would increase to 400MHz.


Parameter Value Units Conditions
RF and LO Frequency Range 0.04 - 1.4 GHz
Input Level 0 dBm Typical input level
15 dBm Clip level
20 dBm Damage level
IQ Outputs
Bandwidth 200/500 MHz Output bandwidth determined by filter setting, set by software.