IVVI Rack Compatibility

Module Info
B1a - Analog Break-in/Break-out Basic isolated analog input & output module for interfacing with IVVI modules.
B1b - Analog Break-in Contains software controlled switches to determine the routing of signals from the frontpanel to the IVVI modules.
B1c - Analog Break-in/Break-out MCX non-isolated inputs and outputs only. Can not connect to other measurement equipment.
B1d - Analog Break-out Dual channel isolated outputs. PCB based on IVVI M0a module.
B2a - Digital Break-out Contains a 2 channel 24-bit ADC.
B2b - Digital Break-out Contains a 2 channel 24-bit ADC + microcontroller. In hardware identical to the D4b module.
B2c - Digital Break-in/Break-out Contains 4 internal DAC channels and a dual channel 24-bit ADC.
B2d - Ditigal Break-in Contains 4 internal DAC channel and 2 isolated inputs.