B1b - Analog Break-in


The B2b module is used to connect to two neighbouring IVVI Rack source modules. In contrast to the B1a module, it has two DAC inputs on the front, one isolated BNC input and no outputs. As shown in the figure below, the routing of the front panel connectors to the IVVI Rack modules is set by two switches. These switches are controlled by the user via software.

B1b block diagram

With these switches the user can, for example, use two DACs in a coarse-fine combination. One DAC does the x1 coarse steps to position the IVVI Rack module at the right point, while the second DAC can sweep around this point (using the x0.01 input) with higher resolution. But with the switches, one of these inputs can also be set by an external source. Another commonly used setup is having a DAC set the coarse location, while having an external lock-in driving the fine input.

Parameter Value Units Conditions
DAC Input Voltage ±4 V
Isolated Input Range ±3 V
Isolated Input Common Mode Range ±10 V