DC & Low Frequency

The table below contains a list of connectors used in and around the SPI Rack for DC and low frequency purposes. Some of these connectors can also be used for high frequency applications, the use case should be clear from the circumstances.

Name Picture Description
LEMO LEMO Connector The LEMO 1S series 4-pole connector are standard within QuTech on sample-related equipment, mainly the IVVI rack modules. They should not directly be connected to line powered equipment. The cables are shielded with signals on pin 2 and 4, the exact function might vary per IVVI rack module.

An often used cable goes from a LEMO to two MCX connectors, with pin 2 and 4 on the inner connectors of the MCX and the LEMO shield to the MCX shields.
MCX MCX Connector Even though MCX connectors are meant for high frequency signals, within the IVVI and SPI Rack setups they are also used for DC applications. These connectors are often used for DAC outputs and should only be used on sample-related equipment: do not directly connect them to line powered equipment.
Fischer Fischer Connector To connect the Matrix Rack to the fridge, a copper shielded cable using 24-pin Fischer connectors is used. The cable connectors have part number: S105 A093-80.
Fischer Fridge Front Connector Fischer Fridge Back Connector The corresponding 24-pin vacuum connector on the cryostat has part number: DBEE 105 A093-90
BNC BNC Connector As with the MCX connectors, BNC connectors are meant for high frequency signals. With the IVVI and SPI Racks they are used to connect user signals from line powered equipment to the racks. This connection is done through an isolation amplifier to guarantee galvanic isolation.
Banana Banana Connector