F1d - IQ Demodulator


The F1d module is an IQ demodulator ranging from 40 MHz to 1.4 GHz. It was initially designed for reflectometry and to be used in conjuction with the S5i RF source and the M2j low noise amplifier. F1d block diagram

For users requiring RF and LO frequencies higher than 1.3GHz, a version may be built supporting up to 4GHz of input frequencies. With this version the lowest supported frequency would increase to 400MHz.


Parameter Value Units Conditions
RF and LO Frequency Range 0.04 - 1.4 GHz
Input Level 0 dBm Typical input level
15 dBm Clip level
20 dBm Damage level
IQ Outputs
Bandwidth 1/3/10 MHz Output bandwidth determined by filter setting. Either by frontpanel or software.
Gain x2/x10/x20 Output gain can be set by either the front panel switch or software.
Maximum Output ±1.75 V Maximum output voltage in 50 Ohm.