QT designed instrumentation -microwave

general info on microwaves
MW coax switch driver unit
Unit that can drive MW relais switches providing the pulse currents to set them (both cryogenic and roomtemp).
Can be used with manual and USB control
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10MHz-1GHz distribution amplifier with low phasenoise and prog dividers

10MHz distribution amplifier with low phasenoise

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diplexers, combining AWG with MW source with low loss and low interaction
diplexer 1: dc-200MHz/ 600MHz-4GHz

MW switch, electronic, 40W RF, 500MHz-6GHz

user documentation and measured data
phase readout (and stabilisation) of microwave generators
(example shows 10MHz generator spacing, has changed to 1MHz spacing now) view the basic experimental application

more info on the sampling concept

example reading of a 20GHz signal, recorded with 10sec persistance
showing the phasestability of the readout:

Phase readout rack, with 6 samplingheads (inputs A...F)  voltage controlled sampling delay input and 10MHz ref
dc-block (5kHz-2GHz)

cryogenic Bias-Tee's 5Hz-2.5GHz (connected to gate)

room-temperature Bias-Tees
room-temperature Bias-Tee 10kHz->3Ghz with d.c.monitor out (SSPD application) bottom/top view
S21: green: cable only, yellow: cable+bias-tee
S11: red:cable only, blue: cable+bias-tee
BalUn (balanced output produces 2 opposite phase signals from 1 input signal)
phase error <8deg from 100MHz to >1GHz
tunable bandpass filters