QT designed RF switch drivers and controllers

The table below describes two versions for a control instrument for Radiall coax switches.

A note on SW: the given control SW ensures one only active connection at a time and a break-before-make operation. It is possible to provide other SW which supports multiple simultaneous connections. Contact us as needed.

Radiall Switch Controller 1
This design integrates both a control circuit and a commercial Radiall switch into a single instrument.

Supported switches: Radiall 6-to-1 latching coax switches. Operating voltages can be 12V or 28V. The design can be altered to support other Radiall switch types.
Supply level must match the prescribed level of the Radiall switch (12V or 28V). Any level within this range is safe for the instrument. Do not apply a 28V supply to a 12V Radiall switch.
It is recommended to provide supply from a stand-alone Power-Supply unit.
The controller receives a USB-B control from a host computer, and power supply via a dedicated separate connector. Six LEDs indicate the current position - whether any contact is made, or all contacts are off. The controller outputs are RF signals - 6 inputs and one output - via SMA connectors.
User Commands:
The instrument can be operated via a 9600 baud rate serial port. Send a digit between 1 to 6 to make a connection from the selected input to the output. Send 0 to reset (break all connections). Note that only one connection can be 'live' at any time, and any switching will first open the previous connection before making the requested connection. Send the letters r to R to read the current state.
The instrument can also be operated via buttons on its panel. The buttuns allow to rotate across all 6 positions and the 0 (reset) state.

Radiall Switch Controller 2
This design separates the control circuit from the Radiall switch. This allows to place the switch unit in the cryostat closer to the sample.

Supported switches: see Radiall Switch Controller 1.
Power: see Radiall Switch Controller 1. Do not apply a 28V supply to a 12V Radiall switch.
The control data is sent via a serial port over USB-B as the Radiall Switch Controller 1. Power is provided via 4mm (banana) plugs. The 6 LEDs carry the same meaning as the Controller 1. The controller outputs are 8 signal wires (not the RF-carrying cables) towards the RF switch via MCX connectors.
User Commands: see Radiall Switch Controller 1.
Note - this design as well can be altered to support other Radiall switch types.

Controller 2 internal build
Controller 2 front and back views

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