QT designed instrumentation -trig/sync

Burst-trig generator, sends burst of trigger pulses that starts synced to 50Hz and 10MHz ref (microwave), each pulse synced to 10MHz

measured jitter for 1kHz burst request  and a 5GHz microwave signal during 60 seconds (5ps-rms)
jumpervalues for burstfreq
jumpervalues for burstcount
Triggersplitter, high impedance TTL input and six 50ohm outputs
Triggersplitter, module high impedance TTL/fibre input and five 50ohm outputs
ouput swing can be +/2V5 (fits S5a) or +5/0V

fibre isolated trigger-link, transmitter
fibre isolated trigger-link, receiver

Trigger link for voltmeters, keithley
can be used to (hardware) trigger the meter or have the meter triggering hardware

frequency divider , 2 channel divider 2^n, n=1 to 24