QT designed instrumentation -measure-sample-wire-filters

problem: real-life filters have only a limited working frequency:
example1 example2
Setup showing isolation, supply and cascaded filtering elements to lower interference in a wide frequency range:
PI-filters (roomtemp. filters from 10MHz to 10GHz)
specified damping (db, 50ohm load)
Cu-Powder filters: (cryo-filters from 100MHz to >40GHz) wire through metal tube with copperpowder
Type:Cu-wire meas:0.03-0.5GHz
Type:Cu-wire meas:0.03-2GHz
Type:Cu-wire meas:0.03-6GHz
Type:Manganine-wire meas:0.03-2GHz 1.5-3-5meter wire
Type:Manganine-wire meas:0.1-20GHz
Cupowder grainsize effects filter as function of grainsize
(sma-in/out) capacitance filter capacitance versus wire length
(sma-in/out) cutt-of freq filter curve 0-6GHz versus wire length
Cu-Powder filters on pcboards
prototype switch junction:
RC-filters (cryo-filters from 10kHz to 500MHz)

typical rc-filter values-1
typical rc-filter values-2
rc-filter b059 ohmics
rc-filter b059 gates
damping: 10kHz=3dB 1MHz=50dB 100MHz=35dB 500Mhz=55dB

measurements dc-500MHz (1 Mohm load)