QT designed instrumentation -optics

general info on optics
optics group designed electronics: photodiode detectors, pyro-electric detectors,HV pulsers, preamps
dual S(uperconducting)S(ingle)P(hoton)D(etector)-interface

more info
bias-tees for SSPD measurements

rise time measurement(78pS)
quad APD(detector) output to TTL 50ohm converter
dual output: TTL signals, pulse-stretched  for counter (ADWIN), APD-signal feedthrough for correlation timer

basic circuit drawing
Led/Laser driver pcboard
input: sinewave or TTL up to 200MHz + dc-bias
output: Up to 5V-200mA squarewave (3nS rise/fall for LED, <2nS for Laser) sma-current monitor

simple dc..40MHz modulated laser