QT designed instrumentation -matrixrack-

Matrix-rack: sample-wire switch & filterbox connecting to cryostat/fridge.
a rack contains one or two matrixmodules, usually type 24x1. One matrixmodule accomodates 24 connections (sample wires)
Additional "link"(3xthru-connection) and "gnd" connectors on a module offer split/combine/ground patch wiring.
front matrixrack with 2xmodule 24x1:

front matrixrack with 2xmodule 12x2:(older version, not build antmore)

special versions
version with 6 gate-resistors, version with 8 gate-resistors
Rack top view

picture of backside connection with IVVIDAC-rack
view backside for rack with ONE matrixmodule:
matrixmodule "24x1" and "12x2"basic wiring diagram: (default: last 4 lines with feedthrough capacitors for high speed)
Cable cryostat-to-rack (ca 2m) pin1-1 ... pin24-24
connector:fischer 24pin S105 A093-80,+cable clamp E3 105.1/10.7+B

connector backside rack:
24-pin fischer D 105A093-80

connector cryostat/fridge
24-pin vacuum fischer DBEE 105A093-80

backside view with pin-numbers
MCX coaxial connector on matrix-module:

LEMO-2MCX cable(2) connecting to IVVI-rack
LEMO FFA1s304, Lemo-pin4->mcx4, Lemo2->mcx2, shield->mcxshields

MCX cablepart connector
Matrix-tester (for switch and wiring):

Other versions of matrix-systems:
probestation matrix-rack with guarding

single matrix-module in rack

probestation matrix-box (on IVVI-rack)
Lowtemp probestation 24p to(10BNC+10p)
SMS-type (older version) matrix-system:

cable connector: fischer 40pin nr :SE 107A052
cryostat/fridge:fischer nr: DBEE 107A052