QT designed instrumentation -cables/connectors

general info on coax-connectors
connector: lemo ffa1s304 lemo order codes. cable: emt6209 double shield
connections: pin 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, shield-shield

LEMO-2BNC cable
connectors: lemo ffa1s304, BNC. Cable: RG174
connections: pin2-BNC2, pin4-BNC4, shield-shield-shield

LEMO-BNC cable
connector: LEMO ffa1s304. Cable: RG174
advised connections: pin 2-BNCshield, 4-BNCpin, shield-shield
WARNING:some cables have only: pin2-BNCshield, 4-BNCpin
LEMO-RA(right angle)-2MCX cable (SMS-system)
connector: LEMO ??????, MCX. Cable: SM50 1,3mm coax
connections: pin 2-MCX2, 4-MCX4, shield-shield

LEMO-2MCXcable (SMS-system)
connector: LEMO ffa1s304, MCX. Cable: SM50 1,3mm coax
connections: pin 2-MCX2, 4-MCX4, shield-shield

LEMO(right angle)-5MCXcable (SMS-system)
connector: LEMO ?????, MCX. Cable: SM50 1,3mm coax
connections: pin 1-MCX1, 2-MCX2, 3-MCX3, 4-MCX4 shield-MCX5

Battery-unit cable
connector: DIN-lock 180d. Cable: 3x1.5mm shielded
connections: pin 1-1, 4-4, 5-5, shield-shield

Battery-LEMO/0 cable
connector: DIN-lock 240d, LEMO-0 Cable: 4x0.075mm shielded
connections: DIN-lemo 1-3, 3-1, 4-4, 5-2, shield-shield

LEMO/0-LEMO/0 cable
connector:LEMO-0 Cable: 4x0.075mm shielded
connections: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, shield-shield

LEMO- 2MCX cable pin2-4-shield
connectors: LEMO ffa1s304, MCX: cut mcx-mcx cable from Farnell

BNC-mcx cable
connectors:BNC, mcx Cable: RG174
connections: pin-pin, shield-shield

BNC-banana jack
connectors: BNC, 4mmplug Cable:RG174

optic-fibre glass 250um (farnell)
D5-DAC module/ pulse-fibre module, connector: FSMA

optic-fibre HP-HFBR 1mm
Optodacrack. connector: HP HFBR-link fibre: 1mm plastic

optic-fibre TOSLINK sms-system fridge
connector: TOS(dig.audio) fibre: 1mm plastic

optic-fibre plastic 1mm (farnell)
connector: FSMA fibre: 1mm plastic

cryostat/fridge connectors
Fridge, 40-pin (23mm)vacuum fischer DBEE 107A052

fridge 40pin cable fixed to sms-matrixmodule
connector: fischer (23mm) 40pin SE107 A052
custom-made brass transition to u-metal flextube

cryostat/fridge 24pin cable to matrixrack pin1>1 ... pin24>24
connector: fischer 24pin S105 A093-80 cable clamps E3 105.1/10.7+B
cryostat/fridge connectors
Cryostat/fridge, 24-pin vacuum fischer DBEE 105A093-80

backside view with pin-numbers
24pin connector on matrixrack
fischer 24pin D 105 A093-80

mcx panel (matrixrack, S2) and mcx plug
fischer 24pin D 105 A093-80

mcx-mcx cable (farnell)

last digit=length 1=25cm 2=50cm 3=100cm
BNC to 2 banana jack (farnell)