QT-designed instrumentation -menu text -

General measurement information

Source-Measure systems:
I-V MEETKAST, Isolated I-source/V-amp and critical current module
IVVI (IVVIDAC) rack, isolated source-measure (8/16DACs)
SMS, Sample Measurement System, Isolated/3Source/2Measure/DACs/Matrix/Filter
BEEP-R, sampletester from 10ohm to Gohm using 10mV
VI-measurement box (junctions/Hannes)

Cryostat connection+filter racks (for IVVI & IVVIDAC)
Matrixrack1(old version)
Matrixrack2 (48-wire 24switch)
Matrixrack3 (48-wire 48 switch)

Amplifiers (stand-alone):
Amplifier +/200V dc..150kHz
FET-Amplifier low 1/f noise (4nV @1Hz)
FET-Amplifier (model IV-meetkast/sms)
IV-converter low-noise JFET
amplifiers misc
IV-converter (current-to-voltage)

Sources (stand alone):
OPTODAC, fibercontrolled DACs (via PC-card)
Amplifier +/200V dc..150kHz
Simple Vbias-source (battery+potmeter)
V-REFERENCE-battery powered
HEATER SUPPLY , power for fridge heaters
Current source (model IVmeetkast/sms)
Precision Current source 1ppm 5-500mA
Voltage-source, Voltage-controlled isolated Vsource

Pulse, Trigger & RF:
TriggerSplitter, 1 to 4 triggers
Frequency divider
TRIGGERLINK, bnc to/from keithley dvm trigger
Sample & Hold
PULSE-FIBRE INTERFACE, Fibre-transmitter (single)
PULSE-FIBRE INTERFACE fibre-receiver (single)
PULSE-FIBRE INTERFACE fibre-receiver (dual)
SWITCH-RF, electronic RF/LF switch
Bias-Tee (adding dc-bias and rf)

Sample Simulator, resistorbox for testing measurement setup
Sample Simulator-RC resistor/capacitorbox simulating sample+lines
Battery Tester, shows remaining charge
ADAPTORBOX, Lemo-BNC-Banana-MCX-changer
Capacitance meter
Squid-IV simulator
LCC-TEST,Test fixture for samples in 32pin-LCC-socket
ISOAMP-RACK, analog iso-amps
Nanotube Switchbox; gate, backgate & IV routing
Optodetector, linear, Fibre in, 100MHz
FET signal multiplexer 2x4 DVM-clocked
FET signal multiplexer+polarity switch 4x8 (hall-measurements) DVM-clocked
Batteries and Charger
Cables and Connectors
Printed circuit boards as sample carrier
Lost (not yet found) boxes