QT designed instrumentation Source/Measure modules for IVVI-rack & SMS

the first modules in the lists are the default, general purpose types

Voltage Source output range gain info
S3b Vmode +/-0.2V floating 0.1-100m V/V V and I mode
S1d +/-8V floating 1-4 V/V option +/- 25V
S1h +/-30..90V 0.1uA
15..45 V/V backgate control, I-mon.
option up to 180V
S1f 8xamp +/-12V 5V/V amps for DAC D5 +/-10V
front in/out
S4c Vmode +/-4V 1-2 V/V V/I mode V/I-fast monitor out
S4d  dual Vmode +/-4V 1-2 V/V V/I mode, dual source
mcx con.out
S5a complex pulse +/-2V 0.5V/V 50ohm 6levels/4output 1nS uwave modulator A-I-Q
S5b dual pulse +/-1V 0.5V/V 50ohm 4nS rise/fall offset&ampl via DACs
S5c 4level pulse +/-1V 0.5V/V 50ohm 0.3nS rise dedicated write/read shape
S5d fast pulse +/-0.3V 0.5V/V 50ohm 0.2nS rise/fall 2 levels, set by DACs
S5e precision LFpulse +/-4V 2V/V 50ohm 1..100uS rise/fall
8 levels max., diff. out
S5g HF-source/pulser +/-2V 200MHz 1V/V dc-200MHz iso analog/pulse levels via DACs
P1a potmeter potm 0..+/-9V 1V/V in-out potmeter & in-out
S1c(obsolete) 110V floating 100 V/V switch +110/-110V   replaced by S1h
S5 (obsolete) +/-1V 0.5V/V 50ohm 4nS rise/fall replaced by S5b
S1 (obsolete) +/-8V floating 1/2 V/V remote control   replaced by S1d
S3(obsolete) +/-200mV floating 0.1..100mV/V remote control   replaced by S3b
S3m(obsolete) +/-0.2V floating 0.1-100m V/V
  replaced by S3b

Current Source output range Vout-max info
S4m 10n-10mA 4V(8Vsymm)
single/symm out
S4c set to I 10n-20mA 4V(8Vsymm) V or I source V/I fast monitor out
S4d dual source 10n-20mA 4V single only
S3b set to I 100uA floating 0.2V V or I-mode
SM1 Isource/Vmeas 1-10-100uA 4V Iso-out 4-wire 1module
P1a potmeter 90uA 9V battery+potmeter
S4e Battsource 1-100uA 6V ultralow noise decade switches
S4(obsolete) 10n-10mA 4V(8Vsymm) remote   replaced by S4m
S4b (obsolete) 100uA floating 0.2V
  replaced by S3b

Voltage Measure gain info info
M2m diff 1..10E4 ac/dc (+hpf)
optional highpass > for switch detect
M2b diff 100..10E4 ac/dc gain 2nV@1kHz/2.5nV@1Hz JFET diffamp
M2d diff 100..10E4 ac 100x dc 0.8nV@1kHz JFET diffamp
M2e diff 1..10E5 zoom/comparator additional fibre-out
M2c diff 1..100 Rin>1Tohm guard-output 5fA bias
SM1 Isource/Vmeas 10/100/1000 1/10/100uA/V Iso-out 4-wire 1module
M2f single 10E3 10kHz...5MHz
0.7nV noise single
SMA-in fibre-out
M2g single 1-10 dc...200MHz SMA-in fibre-out use with preamp
M2idiff 100..10E4 dc dc..200kHz 2nV diff JFET 3nV@0.5Hz
M2 (obsolete) 1..10E4 ac/dc remote control replaced by  M2m
preamp HMT2 single 100
10kHz-80MHz 0.25nV/sqrtHz @4MHz Roomtemp
cryoamp+bias FQ1 single 3(+postamp)
5kHz-80MHz 0.3nV/sqrtHz @4MHz 0.5Kelvin 90uW
cryoamp+bias HMT3 single x2
100kHz-1GHz high input imp+dcbias Roomtemp and cryo

Current Measure gain bandwidth info
M1b 1M-100GV/A dc..200Hz groundlift,log option ac/dc postgain
M1e 10MV/A dc..30kHz postgain 1/10/100 low 1/F noise
M1f 10MV/A dc..100kHz low noise at high bandw Cin up to 2nF
M1r postgain /1/10/100 dc..100kHz interface to preamp IV-M1r ac/dc postgain
M1c remote cryo-IV 300Hz..5MHz cryogenic preamp fibre read-out
M3m comparator+S&H in from Vmeas I-critical meas volt/fibre out
M1(obsolete) 1M-100GV/A dc..200Hz remote control replaced by M1b
preamp IVMB1 100GV/A
dc..3Hz 0.5fA/sqrtHz no input cable (<2cm)
preamp M1r 10MV/A dc..100kHz Iv-box M1r low Rin(100 ohm)

(for source/meas slots)
info info info
A1 connector adapter lemo-mcx-bnc-ban.jack

A2 ground/link adapter mcx panel for extra ground/link

R1 sample simulator 0-1Gohm serie/parr lemo-mcx
R2 dual gate resistor 10M-100M-1Gohm serie lemo-mcx

Global description of the source/measure modules:
All modules have one or more function-controls to set things like: gain, mode etc. Usually this is done by knobs on the module. On the backplane there are some voltage control/readout lines that will be described below.
The routing of the voltage control-lines can be changed by the user in the so-called "summing module" S2 (see also IVVI-doc)
Source modules have one or two value-control voltage inputs that can be set by a DAC (D5-unit) or a signal from an iso-amp (e.g. for lock-in type measurements).
Measure modules have a value-output voltage that is fixed-routed to one of the iso-amp outputs (channel set by the slot). Measure slots offer also two value-control signals (Ma, Mb) to set certain parameters (example:treshold for comparator in M3).
1V is considered to be the full-scale for the source-value-control and measure-signal-output. Example: setting the current source on 1uA means +/-1V control will give +/-1uA.
Depending on the source/measure module there is some additional headroom (all iso-amps go to more than +/3V). Measure modules usually have a factor of 3 headroom (reason:what you measure is not known and usually noisy so dynamic range is important).
Source modules have less headroom (10..100%) because you are aware of what you are sending so noise level is optimised instead of dynamic range.
note:(#) Modules labelled with "remote" (function) control have no knobs but need control from a control panel and fit only in SMS & IVVI.
All other modules have manual control and fit in all systems (but have no remote function control when used in the SMS rack).
Modules with "remote" like S1,S3,M1 are still in use but can no longer be produced