QT designed instrumentation -cables/connectors for the IVVIDAC rack

Cable tester box (LEDs+beeper)
Battery-unit cable
connector: DIN-lock 180d. Cable: 3x1.5mm shielded
connections: pin 1-1, 4-4, 5-5, shield-shield

LEMO- 2MCX cable 50cm
lemo-pin2>mcx2, lemo-pin4>mcx4, lemo-shield>mcx-shield
connectors: LEMO ffa1s304,
lemo manufacturer order codes
MCX: cut 100cm mcx-mcx cable from Farnell

mcx panel (matrixrack, S2) and mcx plug
fischer 24pin D 105 A093-80

mcx-mcx cable (farnell)

last digit=length 1=25cm 2=50cm (default)  3=100cm