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The company did not specify why Smisek was leaving. But, after announcing the departures of the other two executives in the statement, the company said,cheap-jordan, "The departures announced today are in connection with the company's previously disclosed internal investigation related to the federal investigation associated with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey." < p> <p> United disclosed earlier this year that the company and some of its executives had received subpoenas from a federal grand jury for information about dealings with the Port Authority, which oversees major airports in the two staes. At the time,<a href=" " target="_blank">cheap jordans< a>, United said it was conducting its own internal investigation. < p> <p> Did Airlines Hike Fares After Train Collision? U.S. Investigates< strong> < p> <p> Former Port Authority Chairman David Samson's activities

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      detailed report to see the person's past employers and if he or she has ever gotten in trouble. < p> 

      Ask questions < h2> <p> When you meet with an adviser or broker, ask how they make money and try to gauge if they are working in your best interest. If they're pushing a certain product, you should ask if they get a financial incentive for selling it to you. Also,cheap-jordan, don't be afraid to ask if they've been hit with disciplinary action in the past and what happened. < p> <p> "The best thing you can do to protect yourself is ask questions," says Sgarlata Chung. "If you start hearing things that don't make sense,<a href=" " target="_blank">cheap jordan shoes< a>, trust yourself and walk away." < p> <p> <strong>Read More: Meet the 21-Year-Old Financial Adviser Who Manages $3 Million in Investments< strong> < p> <p> The SEC has a <a href="">list of questions on
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