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I am a SEOer had many keywords on Google TOP. Today I will share strategies seo 2016

Today the use of keywords is much more complex. Google algorithm becomes quite complex. When you enter a keyword search Google no longer try to transplant the keywords in your query to display the website. Instead it will assess the credibility, and the meaning behind the keyword that you are looking to make a match and display the website are appreciated the most.

For this reason that the strategic choice of keywords as well as during the current Seo has changed significantly from two years ago. But the keyword is still important as it marks the success of a strategy Seo.

Why does it still have value.

1 Keyword precise and clear: optimize for a certain keyword phrase in the website will not help you rank for keywords directly, this is how outdated keyword choices. Instead, optimized for a group of keywords to help your website content and better finishing for which Google users will understand your goals, appreciate your website, helping customers looking to you faster.

For example, you own a shop selling musical instruments and your products serve the audience with the music school beginners. Combining keywords like "tool is used for beginners" or "Music Lessons for Beginners" (assuming your service provider) will help clarify the intent and purpose of your business to Google, rather than vague phrases like "use of the instrument."

There are two main strategies that you can use to select and match the keywords in your SEO campaign.

1. Strategic brand keywords.

This is a focused strategy concerning the extent to which you are dealing. The idea here is to identify a small number of super-powerful competitors - less than 10 keywords that all have a high search volume and low competitive price, indicating that they are interested in people but few companies engaged in the field did.

Pros: if you focus on the keywords that are strong enough, you almost certainly will become a leading brand in the product / service you are offering, and in turn you will create traffic more access.

2. Keyword Information Strategy

This is the strategy of keyword expansion of keywords on (keyword information). Instead of exhaustive research the best keywords according to Google (via Keyword Planner tool), you will be choosing from one user to search the area in which you are offering.

For example, as trading on the instrument, you can choose a keyword search contains information such as: "using drums for beginners ABC" keywords contain information that will help users to find a way forward immediate decision and they will regularly return to your website to search for other information.

Keyword placement.

2015 keywords is by definition no longer keywords on your site to appear as much as possible, in many places as well. You need to be smart in how to insert keywords into your website content and must adhere to the Google algorithm if you do not want your website penalized and maximize opportunities find your website through search for.

The page title h1 tags, and meta descriptions for SEO is still important, but the words you use in it should be natural, keyword appears in a natural way.

Your main objective is not ranked for any keyword that is quality content and relevant to the purpose for which you want to reach customers.

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